Thesis Preparation

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Thesis Preparing and Presenting

I have tutored a number of students in preparing and presenting their thesis for both Masters and Doctorates. This service is not limited to students studying literature. I have prepared theses on such diverse subjects as Vincent Van Gogh; The Works of J.M. Barrie; Silent Cinema, and Brutalist Architecture of the 1960s.

Preparation and presentation of any thesis, no matter the subject, demands a detailed scholastic approach. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Writing an introduction

This must interest and motivate the reader/assessor. It must detail what will be discussed in the paper and the evidence offered

Writing a synopsis/abstract

This is often required when applying to undertake a Masters/Doctorate, I can offer my advise and help


This will be required if the student is undertaking a scientific paper and will include discussion on technique, procedure, equipment used etc

Cohesive Narrative

a student can have an in-depth and expert knowledge of his/her subject matter but may lack confidence or experience in transferring this knowledge to a structured narrative form.
Vast experience in

Cohesive Narrative

I have vast experience in this area and can offer suggestions regarding the proper use of:


Structure of sentences

Varieties of discourse

Lexical dimensions

Clause elements and types

Narrative structure of the thesis as a whole

Bibliography, Citations, and Acknowledgements
This is perhaps the most detailed and time-consuming part of any thesis.

What to cite

What sources to avoid

Creating consistent and meaningful bibliographic entries

How to cite unpublished works

How to cite non-paginated works

Printed works

Non-printed works

Web citations

Chapter citations

Multiple author citations

This service is very popular and is often heavily subscribed. The service is usually engaged over a period of time, often for an entire academic year. Each service is custom designed to the student’s needs. Please note – as this is an extensive and detailed service, I do not accept applications close to cut off dates.

Help with your thesis...

Not limited to students studying literature