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Specialist English Tuition


One on one specialist Shakespeare tuition in Edinburgh. For students at standard, advanced, undergraduate & postgraduate level

General Tuition

Dr Anthony Quinn offers a one on one personal tuition service for on-going tuition or help for a specific exam, paper, or project

Thesis Preparation

Offering expert help and guidance on all thesis preparation and presentation. Helping students write their best thesis

Commissioned Works

Professional commissioned writing service from Dr Anthony Quinn, for reports, paper, professional documents and books
For those who wish a better understanding of language itself. Specialist English Tuition.

Analytical English Tuition

Basic Grammar

The rudimentary understanding of word classes in English: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Punctuation, Verbs, Adverbs, The Apostrophe, Tenses, Negation, Questions. This is popular with individuals learning English as a foreign language.

Advanced Grammar

a more composite study: Passives, Conditionals, Modal Verbs, Relative Clauses, Dependent Prepositions, Auxiliaries, The Subjunctive, Conjunctions, Interjections.


The arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences.

The Structure of Sentences

Sentence Function, Sentence Information, Verb Phrases, Noun Phrases, Disjuncts and Comment Clauses .

Specialist subject in Shakespeare and Shakespeare on Film

Shakespeare Tuition

Expertise and experience in all Shakespearean plays

Edinburgh based Dr Anthony Quinn has given talks at universities, schools, and cinemas on a number of Shakespeare plays and film adaptations throughout the UK. He has tutored numerous students at standard, advanced, undergraduate, and postgraduate level. He offers tutorials are on a 1:1 basis and are built around the student’s own timetable.

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Thesis Preparation and Presentation

Any thesis demands a detailed scholastic approach